• Place two fingers between the measuring tape and body part to get comfortable measurements
  • Stand in a relaxed posture while getting the measurements done
  • We add appropriate margins to the body measurements provided
  • All measurements should be taken in inches

Neck :

  • Place the measurement tape around the neck and  measure at Adams apple 

Chest :   

  • Take the measurement tape and   measure the chest around the widest part with arms relaxed in a hanging position     


  • Take the measurement tape and measure around the widest part of the belly. Stand is normal posture and do not suck the belly in or push out.    

Hips :    

  • Measure around the widest part of hips for a comfortable shirt measurement 


  • Measure bicep around the widest part and keep the arms in normal hanging posture.

Wrist :

  • Measure around the write bone.       

Shoulder :     

  •  Measure from the outer edge of the shoulder bone to the other end of shoulder bone.

Sleeve Length :

  • Place the measuring tape at the top of centre back and measure the tape along the shoulder bone and a then to little over the wrist bone.

  Shirt Length:

  • Measure from the top of the shoulder (near the beginning of neck) and draw the tape straight to the point where you want your shirt length to end.


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